Director Job Description

Position Description:  Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, the Director develops, administers, supervises and coordinates the work of the Library and staff, performs managerial duties related to personnel, budget, collection development, building maintenance, and library operations and services in conformity with the policies of the Board of Trustees and the regulations of New York State.  The Director reports to the Board of Trustees.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Program and Collection Management

Stays up to date with current library philosophy and trends with the goal of ensuring that the library is both responsive and relevant.  Makes recommendations to the Board for programmatic improvements.  Plans for the implementation of public library goals and objectives.

  • Staffs the Library’s optional Book Committee, which is assembled at the Director’s discretion.  When assembled, calls committee meetings and chooses individual members.
  • Maintains, evaluates and administers all library programs and materials and develops and maintains the library collections.
  • Working with staff, Board members and volunteers, develops and schedules programming to meet community needs and ensure that community can take maximum advantage of library facility.

Customer Service and Public Relations

  • Recognizing the impact of customer satisfaction on both funding and library usage, the Director ensures the highest level of positive customer service for patrons.
  • Leading by example, the Director ensures that staff has the attributes necessary to serve the public effectively.  Secures initial training in customer service (such as that offered by the Mid Hudson Library System) for all employees, coordinates ongoing staff trainings as necessary and works with individual staff to improve their skills as needed.
  • Responds promptly to suggestions and concerns raised by patrons.  If necessary, implements operational changes and ensures that all staff is informed of changes.
  • Given the central role of the library in the community, and the taxpayer funded services provided to the library, the director meets periodically with prominent civic leaders such as the mayor, the supervisor, the police chief, the fire chief, the rescue squad leader and others.

Staff and Volunteer Management

Develops and updates, as needed, written descriptions for all library positions, with the exception of the bookkeeper position, which is developed by the Treasurer in consultation with the Director.

  • Hires all personnel, provides proper training of new employees, reviews work schedules prepared by the designated staff person, assigns areas of responsibilities and maintains personnel files.
  • Responsible for the ongoing training and development of employees.  If needed, develops corrective action plans with the employee.  When necessary and in keeping with library policy, the Director is responsible for terminating employment.
  • Evaluates each member of staff using an evaluation instrument approved by the Board and which has been reviewed with the employee at time of employment.  Evaluation to be conducted at the conclusion of six-month probationary period and annually thereafter.  Annual confirmation of evaluations to be included in Director’s year-end report to the Board.
  • Recommends salary increases for employees based on written evaluations which have been shared with each employee.  Recommends changes in staffing to the Board.
  • Establishes a schedule of at least four mandatory staff meetings per calendar year.  In addition, ensures that there are adequate means for communication to all staff and among staff.
  • Develops and implements a plan for effective use of volunteers for daily library operations. Works with staff, board members and others to recruit, train and recognize volunteers for daily operations and other use of volunteers (e.g. Library Fair).
  • Reports to the Board employee problems or controversies which could affect the library’s public image and therefore support.

Finance, Development and Administration

  • Prepares annual budget in consultation with the Treasurer and for timely Board review and approval.
  • Directs and controls all library expenditures within approved annual budget
  • Understanding the need to present a professional face to the community and the importance of protecting the community’s investment in the library, ensures that the library’s facilities are consistently neat, organized and well-maintained.  Oversees the cleaning, repair and maintenance of the library with the facility committee and Operations Manager.   Brings issues that impede this goal to the immediate attention of the Board.
  • The Director is a member of the Library’s Development Committee.  The Director participates in all meetings, brings ideas to the committee and is actively engaged in advising about development activities.
  • Recommends all contract agencies to the Board for approval.


  • Prepares monthly report to the Board
  • Proposes recommendations for policy on all areas of library governance.  Makes suggestions for improvement of the Board’s practices, policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees.

Qualifications:  Master’s Degree in Library Science from an accredited college or university.  Certified by the New York State Education Department.  Proven knowledge about the many aspects of library management and/or the administration of a multi-service community agency.  Demonstrated experience in staff management and customer service.  Ability to effectively manage multiple responsibilities and respond to multiple constituencies.