Elting Mission, Values and Vision Statements

Approved by board on Sept. 24, 2020

Elting Mission Statement:

Elting Memorial Library’s mission is to promote literacy, build community, and inspire lifelong learning. The library’s extensive collections, unique historical holdings, cultural programs, services and events, provided in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, shall be an accessible resource for all.

Tagline: Elting Memorial Library: Building community, nourishing literacy, and inspiring lifelong learning for over 100 years

Elting Values:

Access: The Library will ensure all patrons will have equal access to all information resources that are provided directly or indirectly by the library, regardless of technology, format, or methods of delivery.

Confidentiality/Privacy: The Library will protect user privacy and confidentiality, which are necessary for intellectual freedom and fundamental to the ethics and practice of librarianship.

Democracy: The Library will promote an informed citizenry essential to a democracy.

Diversity: The Library will strive to reflect our nation’s diversity by providing a full spectrum of resources and services to the communities we serve.

 Preservation:  The Library supports the preservation of information published in all media and formats and, uniquely, the curation of resources documenting local history. The Library affirms that information preservation is central to its mission.

Professionalism: The Library will provide a workplace where enthusiasm, teamwork, innovation, accountability and a sense of shared purpose combine to provide a rewarding experience for employees, volunteers, and patrons.

The Public Good: The Library recognizes it is one of the fundamental institutions of our community and is dedicated to promoting the public good.

Service: The Library will provide friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt services, respecting and valuing all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

Social Responsibility: The Library will be an active partner in identifying and solving societal and community issues, and will be a forum for discussion and learning about these issues.

Sustainability: The Library will employ environmentally sound, economically feasible and socially equitable practices.

Elting Vision Statement

Elting Memorial Library will be the welcoming heart of our community, where all can discover, create, and connect;

Will provide services and programs accessible to all;

Will encourage curiosity, a love of reading, and the pursuit of knowledge;

Will pursue and promote sustainability in the use of resources in our facility as well as through programs and collections;

Will seek partnerships that support library values and goals, and

Will create and maintain an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect.