From the Board President

For over 100 years, Elting Memorial Library has been an integral part of  New Paltz with a mission to promote literacy, build community, and inspire lifelong learning.

The Library Board of Trustees  is here to make that mission a reality.

We work behind the scenes to make sure that when you arrive at the library, there are books and CDs for you to take home, staff to assist you, computers for you to use, and places for you to sit quietly with a book or simply your own thoughts.

We raise funds to make certain that the library has the resources to deliver its services to you; we write policies to make sure that the Library’s resources are managed responsibly and that the  Library is in compliance with state laws and regulations; and most importantly, we hire and evaluate the Library Director.

But we also look to the future.

We try to envision how the Library needs to evolve to meet the challenges facing us in the years ahead. Through strategic planning, asset management, and creating long-term funding goals, and by listening to the community, we work to ensure that the Library is ready to meet those challenges and remain at the heart of New Paltz for the next 100 years.


Bob Miller, President

Elting Memorial Library Board of Trustees