From our library board president, Susan Scher


 We are so appreciative of the residents of New Paltz who voted last November for better public funding for Elting Memorial Library. The Board of Trustees feels a tremendous responsibility to use your money wisely and conservatively and to provide you with as many services, programs and materials as we possibly can within our budget.

How can we serve you better? What books, films and music would you like us to own? What kind of programs would interest you? There is a box on the circulation desk where you can leave your written suggestions. There is also a clipboard across from the circulation desk where you can write the titles of books you would like to see in the library.

Please spend time this spring and summer in our reading garden with its comfortable benches and chairs and beautiful plantings. This is a little oasis in the middle of the village where you can read, sit and talk, or just relax. This lovely space was built entirely with contributions from members of our community.

Our staff is eager to serve you in any way they can. We want the library to be a community meeting place for adults, teens and children. Please ask for whatever help you need. I wish you many wonderful hours in the library.

Susan Scher
President, Board of Trustees