Our volunteers are at the heart of our library. Elting Library would and could not be such a valuable and cherished New Paltz asset without them. If you want to know what current volunteer activities are happening, email Alison<alison.helene.nash@gmail.com> to request monthly volunteer meeting notices. Attend a meeting and see where you can be of service. Opportunities range from stuffing fundraising envelopes to Library Board membership.

Volunteer Opportunities at Elting                                     Contact

Volunteer Chair: Alison Nash                                        alison.helene.nash@gmail.com

In-house volunteering: Jesse Chance                          jchance@eltinglibrary.org

Shelving, retrieving holds, shelf reading etc.

Annual Library Fair:  Paul Edlund                               paule1942@gmail.com

Whatever you see  at the fair, is done by a volunteer

Youth Activities: Deborah Engel-DiMauro                 engeldimauro@gmail.com

  Helping with projects; chaperoning trips

Gardening: Alan Stout                                                    cyberstout@cyberstout.net

All the beautiful flowers and grounds done by volunteers!

Home Bound Book Delivery: Carol Nolan                 ccnolan@hvc.rr.com

Driving to patron’s homes for delivery/pickup of materials

To offer a program/presentation/exhibit:                jgiralico@eltinglibrary.org

Bookbinding :                                                                  susanscher31@gmail.com

Information:                                                                   elting@eltinglibrary.org

Historical Collection:                                                    havilandheidgerd@yahoo.com