The Library welcomes people to volunteer. Volunteers assist with planning and orchestrating fundraising events such as the Library Fair and Walkin’ the Dog. They also prepare mailings and process materials in the historical collection and assist with our garden plantings. With tasks like shelving materials, finding loan items etc., our in-house volunteers are crucial in the upkeep of the library. If you would like to volunteer in any way, please stop in and speak with a staff member, or give us a call.


Volunteer Opportunities at Elting                                     Contact

Volunteer committee (meets monthly)                      iermsr@gmail.com

In-house volunteering                                                   jchance@eltinglibrary.org

Annual Library Fair                                                        rheyl@hvc.rr.com

Annual Health Fair                                                         newpaltzeltinglibrary@yahoo.com

Youth Activities                                                                lindawelles@gmail.com

Fundraising                                                                      lindawelles@gmail.com

Gardening                                                                         cyberstout@cyberstout.net

Books on wheels (drivers)                                              ccnolan@hvc.rr.com

Special Events                                                                  jgiralico@eltinglibrary.org

Bookbinding                                                                     susanscher31@gmail.com

Information                                                                      newpaltzeltinglibrary@yahoo.com