SmartAlec Mobile Printing

Welcome to SmartAlec Mobile Printing at Elting Memorial Library. There are two ways to use this App.

  1. Library Card Holders will need to register their card number the first time they use the app. This is done on the app by clicking “guests”. On the next screen you will enter your library card number and PIN. If you don’t yet have a PIN, entering one here sets it; just remember to use the same PIN when you have staff add funds to your printing account. You must also enter an email address or phone number in order for the system to validate your registration. Please note that an email address or phone number can only be used once, so be precise when entering your information for the first time as mistakes can lock you out. If you are successful at registering your card number, you will then be able login and upload documents.

  1. Non- Card-Holders: Guest passes are available at the Circulation Desk of the library. They can be registered just like library cards. However, since a phone number or email address can only be used once in the system, repeat users will need to invent a 10 digit phone number each time.

Click Browse and then navigate to the file that you wish to print. It must be in a file format that can be uploaded (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, etc). Once you’ve selected a file, click Upload. A message saying “File Uploaded Successfully” will pop up and a file will appear on your que. You can then go to the print release station at the circulation desk and retrieve your print job. Printing funds must be in place before you can print.